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“Greatness of spirit is accompanied by simplicity and sincerity” – Aristotle

Just to clear the air, I’d like to say, that of the above phrase, my latest endeavors have focused very much on the “simple” and “sincere” part of what the great Greek philosopher stated. The first part is hopefully something that may be realized with very small, simple, real, daily actions.

The yearly re-cap:

2022 has now ended– and it was a special year full of challenges – with many intense happy moments – and some significant reminders of what is truly important.

January 2022 – I was able to present my first body of work – GOD’s: Greek Olympian Deities at Art Appel Gallery, in the Center of Athens. This was a project that began way before covid struck with an intense “identity” factor. It was a statement that my spirit is that of an artist, that without creativity I cannot breathe, that I have a constant need to learn new things, to create messages that hopefully can also help others. It was an outcry to the world – about the importance of knowing who you are – with all the good and the bad; to find ways to enhance the great qualities, to improve that which needs improving and to connect with one another. My first solo exhibition, was all about connecting – I was more than ecstatic to discover that people would reach out, actually get in their cars, or on the train or ride with a friend to meet – after more than 25 years in some instances! This exhibition, was more than an honor – I want to extend my gratitude once more, to those who wore their masks, and troubled themselves to meet me and the 12 Olympians, and to play a game of interaction.

June 2022 – A second solo, in the same year? It looks like something “cosmic” was hiding treasures for me. A philanthropic exhibition, to empower children in need – came together at my alma mater – American Community Schools of Athens- during a world reunion weekend, of all classes, to help the NGO “Children First”

2022 was full of new and old connections – inspiring me to commence a series which will “discuss” how we are reflected in others’ eyes.

2022 contained some personal feats – inspiring me to start a series in which the main statement is that the only thing that matters is NOW – this moment only exists; we are a speck in the universe and we should make the difference that we can while we can.

2022 made it clear that united we can accomplish many things; especially when we wish to help others – inspiring me to start another series, based on such special beings.

By the end of this year – I was able to clear out on a mental and physical level – that which takes space from my spirit and my environment. I feel like my breathing is more serene… Perhaps that helped me bring out a flowing feeling in my creations.

I will take this opportunity, through this blog post to present to you my new site, which I hope to develop interactively. Take a look and let me know how you feel about it; you may even subscribe to my Newsletter if you feel like it.

2023 – looking forward to it all….

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