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Embracing My Artistic Identity: The Elephant's Canvas of Truth and Inspiration

This is a unique and transformative moment in my artistic journey - a pivotal point that marks my greatest breakthrough. In this monumental painting, I've embraced some of my deepest and BIGGEST truths. Like Celtic writings symbolizing the elephant as an unanticipated surprise, this artwork has been a delightful revelation. It has allowed me to articulate what I do and find my artistic voice.

The original A4 sketch grew to be 130X280cm and I worked on it horizontally most of the time on my easel. This elephant painting stands as a powerful representation of my mission - to inspire others to evoke the emotions they need in order to achieve their desires and creative visions.

I suppose it is much like transferring your little dream from your journal, into a real life decision and action...

Within this vibrant canvas, you'll discover a myriad of feelings and messages. If tenderness resonates with you, it reflects the gentle situation you wish to live. Should sensuality capture your gaze, it might signify your readiness to attract the partner you envision. Strength portrayed in the artwork may serve as a reminder of the power you possess to overcome difficulties in your life. The beauty of colors can prompt you to believe in your own uniqueness, even in a seemingly black and white world.

I aspire to ignite these emotions within you - the motivation to pursue what your heart desires.

As I poured my inspiration into this painting, the elephant became a symbol of sacred femininity, representing the nurturing "mother" and the dedication to protect and cherish those karmic relationships that appear in our lives. This magical creature embodies endurance, sensuality, and the ability to expand horizons through collaboration with intellect. The elephant also reminds me to call forth messages of ancient wisdom and embrace transformation.

Through this canvas, I convey a profound message of connectedness. This painting has found its forever home in Cyprus, carrying a special message for its new owner - to empower them with fearlessness as they embrace their own journey.

Thank you for entrusting me with filling your space with colors and power ; I hope this artwork touches the hearts of those who encounter it, just as it has touched mine.

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