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ZEUS – The Leader
ZEUS – The Leader

Zeus is considered the strongest Olympian, representing the first generation of the Olympian gods. His wife is Hera. Kronos (a Titan) is his father – who swallowed his children as he was a afraid that one of them would take his place. Zeus’ mother helped Zeus to escape from this fate as she her husband a sack of stones instead of the baby. When Zeus became an adult, with the help of his brothers and sisters, he fought and defeated Kronos and the rest of the Titans – becoming everyone’s king.


Leadership figure. This personality looks down upon other, ready to rule the world. Great influence is practices, a natural CEO. Logic is his main characteristic of this archetype – a person usually in a position of power and control; negotiates and takes decisions. The ultimate goal is to create their “kingdom”. Like the eagle, this leadership figure, explores all details and possible choices and acts quickly. Excellent allies are created with other leaders in order to achieve goals. As a child this personality is assertive, yet positive as a leader. With children this parent is protective and the main concern lies in achieving their economic security. The leadership archetype acts as a mentor, but makes sure to have the last say. The is little tolerance for creativity (as long as the status quo is not disturbed); emotionally distant, as feelings are secondary to achieving goals. This archetype’s marriage may be a result of interests; yet, if it is a healthy relationship this archetype’s companion is the most trusted confidant.


King Arthur, A. Caesar, Margaret Thatcher, Cleopatra, Don Corleone (Godfather protagonist)

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