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POSEIDON – The Intuitive
POSEIDON – The Intuitive

After the Titan wars, Poseidon is ordained the god of all water elements (rivers, oceans, lakes etc.) -–but he is not so happy with this situation as he wanted to be patron of the city of Athens. He tries to overturn the decision, without success. His negative emotions are expressed with earthquakes, huge tidal waves and storms. When Odysseus blinds Poseidon’s son, the one-eyed Cyclops, he chases him and anyone else assisting him. It is said, that the duration of the Odyssey was equal to the duration of Poseidon’s anger. Like Zeus, Poseidon has many affairs, usually done in transformations, but in the end marries Amphitrite and has many children. His intense personality appears in many myths.


Extremely emotional, uses intuition and instinct. When a Poseidon archetype doesn’t have the space to express the emotional aspect, destructive and extreme behavior may arise (towards him/ herself and others). When this archetype suppresses feelings, situations erupt. As a child there is a need for immediate fulfillment of needs, otherwise immense dissatisfaction is shown. In the western world, where men are “tough” a Poseidon archetype may feel suppressed. When the emotional subconscious is in balance, we are able to witness an intense emotional world, a deep expressionism, and tender actions. Professionally, there may be an interest for the arts (expressing feelings), or with nature where time is measured in cycles, seasons etc. When dealing with the sea (shipbuilding, shipping etc., there is an opportunity to follow instinct and experience. Marriage and children, may become this archetype’s “center” – when expressing his/her sensitive side is successful.


Aristotle Onassis, Beethoven, Tennessee Williams, Irving Yalom, John F. Kennedy

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