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HESTIA – The Spiritual
HESTIA – The Spiritual

Goddess of the hearth. She is the first-born daughter of Kronos (Titan generation of gods). As she was born first, she was ordained as the leader of all deities and was honored by all poets as such. Poseidon and Apollos ask her to marriage, but she vigorously rejects them both. When Zeus became God of the skies, she decisively helps him in exterminating his enemies and assists in his final enthronement. He appreciates her contribution and gives her a place in Olympus as goddess. Not only that, but she has a special privilege as Zeus does not need to mediate for her to have what she needs.


The Hestia personality is a dreamer, romantic and traditional. This archetype inspires respect, is calm and benevolent – the protector of the home and faithfully unites. The hearth of the home (of the city, the community etc.) burns non-stop, calmly and steadily. This archetype may relate to the Sun’s rotations. As an introvert, the spiritual self is strengthened and there is a feeling of wholeness. The Hestia person represents unity, harmony, serenity and optimism –does not partake in war and conflict. Having a companion is not needed for a meaningful life. A Hestia archetype will oftentimes be active in groups that have a compassionate common goal (meditation, yoga etc.)


Oracle (from the movie “Matrix”), Sylvia Plath (Poet/ housewife), the countless volunteers in the world serving other people.

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