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HERMES – The Messenger
HERMES – The Messenger

From the day of his birth, Hermes show his ingenious personality. He has many roles: Μessenger of the gods, god of language and communication, escort of souls to the underworld, protector of athletes and travelers. He gives to his brother, Apollo, the lyre and he is then forgiven for stealing his cattle. He manages to create a caregiving feeling in Hera (!!). He is the one who accompanies Persephone to her mother from the underworld, he helps Ares when he gets captured, he assists Zeus to give birth to Dionysus from his thigh, and many more such stories.


A Hermes personality comes up with solutions to situations which may be seemingly unsolvable. This archetype generates motion, flow and beginnings. Luck, coincidences and synergy all assist a Hermes personality when in action. Borders and limitations cannot confine this person’s communication – he/she is quick, multifaceted, effective and inventive. A Hermes child glides through difficulties (may be physically smaller, an only child, or the youngest child). Professionally, this person’s main concern is to communicate knowledge. Possible professions: speaker in international congresses, external affairs, executive of multinational company, diplomat. This person transmits their message easily and with the use of all means. A Hermes archetype can be a successful psychotherapist, life coach (“accompanying” others during difficult times or toward a great experience). Hermes’ companion is someone who is able to accept his need to carry into many activities, and therefore is also independent – either because he/she is in harmony with themself or is equally busy. As a parent, this archetype has trouble setting boundaries but is surely fun, creative and imaginative giving his/her children many adventures.


Marco Polo, Sting, John Keating the inspiring teacher from the movie/book “Dead Poets Society”, Indiana Jones (from the movies)

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