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HERA – The Devoted
HERA – The Devoted

Hera and her husband, Zeus, are twins. He initially seduces her, but then marries her. The goddess has had to deal with many of his infidelities, yet she retains her supremacy as his wife. She is the goddess of marriage and queen of the skies. Her relationships with her children do not paint a pretty picture, especially if we take into account what happened with her son Hephaestus. She threw him from Olympus because he was ugly. She is vindictive with Zeus’ mistresses and their children. I.e. Leto was chased by Hera when she was giving birth to her twins Apollo and Artemis, she chases Heracles for the most of his life (mother Alcmene).


This archetype may have a feeling of emptiness until the companion of significance is found– the one. The most important thing for this archetype is the stature as partner of their companion. It is not uncommon for this personality to put a career in the background, in order to fulfill the need self-realize as a partner. This archetype promotes the relationship – through thick and thin. It is this person that insists, is devoted, does not give up. This archetype has demands from his/her significant other (as retribution for setting the companion first in the list of priorities). The Hera person may be found in a difficult situation when putting another in the center of their universe, and then turns out less than expected. A Hera archetype may find satisfaction when becoming the president of different groups or organizations. The union that is sought out, symbolizes the ultimate connection between the female and male energy. The companion of a Hera archetype finds in them, the absolute confidante. This personality portrays a matriarchal personality when putting everything in order, having always an exceptional appearance and intense presence (much like a queen!).


Queen Victoria, Nancy Reagan

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