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HEPHAESTUS – The Inventor
HEPHAESTUS – The Inventor

Hephaestus is born as a result of Hera’s spite towards Zeus on account of Athena’s birth form his head. She wants to show him that she can also bear children alone. Yet, she is shocked when she sees Hephaestus, who is the exact opposite of Athena (who is perfect) – he is ugly and deformed. In one version of the myth, Hera throws Hephaestus from Olympus, causing him a permanent disability and causing him live away from Olympus for many years. During this time, he creates a golden throne and sends it to his mother, but when she is seated, she is strapped and trapped. He returns to free her after she promises that he can wed with whichever bride he wishes (Aphrodite). Other than his mother’s rejection, he receives that of his wife’s as well (she is unfaithful). He is the only of the gods who works, creating jewelry, weapons, robots etc. He is the fire god – using copper and metal. He is characterized by his inventiveness, his ongoing creativity and his appreciation of beauty.


The Hephaestus archetype is a peacemaker. Considered the protector of the weak and the refugees. This archetype is characterized by an internal creativity, and is oftentimes antisocial, withdrawn, enjoying beauty from a distance. This personality creates beautiful and useful things, as a means to express suppressed feelings - oftentimes finding difficulty finding words to express sentiments. This archetype’s companion, is a main source of inspiration and also functions as a liaison to the outside world, as a Hephaestus personality Is usually secluded in order to concentrate on work. Recognition is not sought out for, really, this personality just loves to work. From a young age, a Hephaestus child likes to be alone, in order to create; self-realization comes through how well he/she executes what they love. An exceptional surgeon, or artist.


Michelangelo, Seurat, Joaquin Phoenix

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