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DEMETER – The mother/caretaker
DEMETER – The mother/caretaker

Goddess of agriculture, of the earth and fertility – she is considered the protectress of marriage and motherhood. Demeter is Zeus’ sister, with whom they are Persephone’s parents (Zeus had transformed into a bull and seduced her, but later on she forgave him). Most stories about Demeter circulate around her relationship with her daughter, and how much she suffers after Hades abducts her and takes her to the underworld. She experiences agony and sadness when her daughter is away, condemning nature to the cold months of the year; when she is happy and rejoicing upon meeting Persephone, she brings the warm months along with creation, production and blossoming.


The mother/caretaker archetype is expressed, with birth, with nurture, when providing physical, psychological and spiritual support. This archetype is oftentimes an introvert that may go through melancholy when the children (or persons cared for) do not need them anymore. Setting boundaries and saying no, is not a strong point of this archetype. Mainly, this archetype is giving and present. A companion in this case, may be the means for the Demeter archetype to completing the purpose of becoming a parent. Equilibrium may be achieved if the partner has had a lacking motherly relationship and then balances this with a Demeter partner. A Demeter archetype may be overly optimistic, which creates a problem when dealing with negative situations (much like the goddess who searches for her daughter, lamenting and bring chaos in nature). The essence of this personality is best expressed when helping others. Sometimes this person’s relationships may be “choked” by her over-caring. It is a great solution for this archetype to channel this nurturing expression in their profession. Possible careers: Teacher, social worker, nurse, psychotherapist, caretaker of elders.


Mother Therese, Ms. Gump (Forrest’s mom from the movie “Forrest Gump”), Fraulein Maria (from the movie “Sound of Music”), Leigh Anne Tuhey (from the movie “Blind Side”)

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