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Athena – The Wise
Athena – The Wise

She is born a complete woman, from Zeus’ head, wearing her gold armor – she is the favorite daughter. Zeus allows her to use his thunder. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, of strategy and of organized warfare (the complete opposite of her brother, Ares) of weaving and of pottery. She is a sworn virgin, even though she brought up Erechtheion as her true child, after Hephaestus’ attempted rape. Always with the use of strategy, she assists in various wars – supporting the “heroes”, like Odysseus. She supports the Greeks in the Trojan war and provides the solution to Perseus to kill the Medusa; Athena also helps Jason and the Argonauts to fix their ship to finally obtain the golden fleece. She is the protectress of Athens, she abides by law and order.


Wise, strategic, pays attention to detail, is mature and logical. The genius of this archetype is quite successful as a diplomat, or if involved with the arts –organizing all projects from beginning to end. As the favorite child of a Zeus archetype parent (powerful), this personality will seek to connect with mentors that have Zeus’ characteristics and will assist in reaching goals. The Athena archetype has calculated reactions and oftentimes are concealed. As a child, this archetype concentrates easily and wants to learn everything from the father (will even look under the hood of a car); is quite competitive, can learn how to read without help, may develop an interest for chemistry, physics and mathematics - but may also like knitting and embroidery. The Athena archetype may be won by teaching (will concentrate on the “good” students, no patience for non-disciplined pupils) or by research. This archetype’s companion may be a “hero” type person some, holding some kind of power – with no time for emotional and internal expression. This relationship will be quite platonic. As a parent, this archetype will have to work on expressing emotions – but will be great at organizing activities and explaining new things.


Joan of Arc, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Zaha Hadid

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