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ARTEMIS – The Explorer
ARTEMIS – The Explorer

Artemis’ mother is Leto (Titan generation), her father is Zeus. She was born on the island Delos and right after her birth, she assisted her mother to give birth to her twin brother Apollo. As a result, she is ordained as the goddess of childbirth. She is also the goddess of wildlife, of hunting, of wild animals, of fertility and the moon – the myth says that she travels across the sky every evening to bring the night. She requests of her father to remain a virgin and therefore she is free to roam the woods and mountains. She has the ability to cure or kill with her silver bow and arrows.


Introverted, independent, with a sense of comradeship (oftentimes androgynous if a female), competitive, with a free spirit. Immediate action is taken– either to punish or protect. With a creative sense and limitlessness in pursued quests, ready to find the undiscovered. Sometimes there is a feeling that group work may keep this archetype behind. Often turns to nature in order to detoxify and find balance. A perfectionist, often has trouble with committing to relationships and complying to rules. This archetype has a keen interest in the problems of the environment and animals –practical, adventurous and athletic. Possible professions: Athlete, biologist, veterinarian, geologist, environmentalist, botanist, therapist. As a child, (if a girl, oftentimes a tomboy) this archetype has a hard time obeying and accepting imposed rules. With their companion, Artemis type personalities, will likely share common interests, will have a very self-evident code of communication, without an excess of words. When managing to be less self-judging, more authentic relationships will develop with others.


Diane Fossey, Jane Goodall, Nadia Comaneci

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