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ARES – The Warrior
ARES – The Warrior

The god of war, son of Hera and Zeus. He feels rejected by Zeus and is seen down upon by the rest of the Olympians as well due to his violent and impulsive reactions – he’s the bad boy of Olympus. Goddess Athena looks down upon her brother, as she is his complete opposite, functioning with logic and strategy – she is Zeus favorite daughter. Ares loves war, he is aggressive and thought is overridden by impulse. Priapos, Ares’ teacher, first taught him how to dance and then how to fight. This amplified his eroticism with great success. His most passionate relationship is with Aphrodite (caught in the act by Hephaestus – her husband). They represent the union of two free and independent spirits. Ares is different in comparison to the rest of the gods in the field of relationships, as he is the only one who had consensual encounters, whilst the rest of the gods had to mainly organize schemes, or rape, or transform in order to conquer the women they desired.


Here and now. That is the main characteristic of a person with an Ares archetype. Action will be taken immediately. The heart, overcome by emotions, takes decisions, and is especially protective with loved ones. At a young age, this archetype tries to control outbursts. It is not uncommon for an Ares-person to be raised in an environment with an absent father figure (literally or because he works a lot), and therefore attracts attention with mischief. When the Ares archetype wants something, action is taken, without a second thought to consequences. This person will support that which is just, and will save an injured comrade during war. When out having fun with a partner, the Ares archetype will be protective at all costs. This is the main attribute as a parent as well. A fight is not started for the sake of violence, but because there was a reason to be provoked. This archetype is a happy family member, when love is made with his/her companion, when everything is satisfactory at work, when friends are around. Possible professions: related to the armed forces, to sports, construction, exploitation of oil wells – anything that may contain risk. There may be an interest in extreme sports as well.


Hulk, Rocky, John McEnroe, Cassius Clay, Sean Penn

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