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Leto is his mother (generation of the Titans), and Zeus is his father, who greatly favors him. He is one of the most handsome gods. He is born on the island Delos, right after his twin sister Artemis. Apollo is the god of light and the sun – every morning Apollo crosses the sky with his chariot and brings the day. He is the god of Medicine. He purifies humans from crime, but he is also the god of death – using his golden bows and arrows. The oracle of Delphi was founded in his name, as he is also a prophetic god. Apollos is the god who imposes law and order - he is the god of youth, music and poetry – the protector of fine arts.


This person observes life from a distance (and emotions) and therefore has the capability to either aim and hit or to equally bring harmony. Clear explanations are necessary, there is a need to perfect skills, and order and balance are appreciated. It is known from a young age, that to be a perfect “archer” (to achieve a goal) skills and practice are essential. An apollo archetype has a “clean cut” or royal appearance. If practicing law, it is because there is a great belief in the constitution. Harmony and order are expressed in music. This archetype is an exceptional sibling, and because of this quality, a balanced team and collegial ambience is created in professional settings. The Apollo child is curious, learns easily, knows about time management and is encouraged to follow the father’s footsteps (especially if he’s a Zeus type). This archetype’s companion is capable, independent and competitive and very cerebral – a sense of harmony and growth is sought out for – similar to the traits shared in the relationship with the Artemis archetype.


Neil Armstrong, Michael Phelps, (generally many Olympic athletes and or musicians have a main Apollo archetype) Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Harvey Specter (from the show “Suits”).

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