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Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, sensuality and creation. She is alchemical, transformational and does not belong to either the married (even though Hephaestus’ wife, she had a long-lasting affair with Ares) or virgin goddesses. She is the most beautiful amongst gods and humans. Upon her arrival to Olympus, the gods are afraid of turmoil because of her great beauty, so Zeus arranges for her marriage with Hephaestus (Hera also promises her son this marriage in order to make up for her mistakes with him). The pair makes a connection because of the mutual appreciation for beauty – Hephaestus touches Aphrodite’s heart with the presents he makes for her. Nonetheless, Ares is her main lover – they share the same characteristics: passion, freedom, impulsivity, savoring the moment. Aphrodite is behind many stories on Mount Olympus (ie Psyche and Eros), having either a positive or negative impact.


Τhis archetype may be embodied in a physically beautiful person, but the main quality is the expression of freedom and passion- a brightness that magnetizes everyone. This archetype falls in love with people and creations. At a younger age (or if immature) this person may hurt others as a result of falling in love with being in love, and not necessarily the partner at stake. If a woman, this archetype has few female friendships because she is (unfairly) not trusted. Still an Aphrodite archetype is sought out for, with the hope that some of their light shines upon them as well. Enjoys the company of children; they find this person attractive, fun and creative – as they are encouraged to be spontaneous. Meaningful relationships can be achieved when some of Demetra’s care-taking qualities are developed. Children are the creative result of love and passion that connects this archetype with their partner - it is a connection of love and passion (and not a means to become a parent– Demetra’s life purpose). Depression may be a danger at an older age if the appearance is focused on more than the creative self. As an artist, beauty is found in anything that is inspiring. This archetype attracts friendships of all ages. For the Aphrodite personality, making love is not a bodily function; it is a need for connection on a spiritual and mental level. When this person’s soul is led towards the arts, than their creative identity is cultivated. In the same way, possible professions that all may have the characteristic of an evolving and fulfilling process are, being: a therapist, a teacher, an aesthetician, as a PR consultant, an interior designer. This archetype functions in assisting us to make our visions come alive – it inspires us to make them happen. Creation is an invincible transformational force – when one project finishes, the next one commences.


Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Karenina, Scarlett O’Hara, Marilyn Monroe, Madame Bovary

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